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BSK Havalandırma Ekipmanları A.Ş. has been serving in our İstanbul Sultanbeyli factory since 2007. BSK started manufacturing with grilles, diffusers, louvres, sound attenuators, control and access covers, dampers, hepa filter boxes and various types of plenum boxes and by establishing ventilation-air conditioning units production department in 2012 BSK adds new products to its product range every year. Our production is being directed according to the studies made by R&D and P&D departments which are established in 2011. BSK follows technology and innovations actively thanks to our ventilation equipments laboratory and continues its services always with focus on customer satisfaction

EXPER PHE was found in 1978 in the city of İstanbul, and today it is one of the leading manufacturers of Complete PHE Units and their Spare Parts such as Plates, Gaskets, and Frames. Our factory is equipped with all necessary up to date model equipment and molds that makes us a real PHE manufacturing company.   The Plate Heat Exchangers we produce are used almost in every field of industry. Our products are distinguished by exquisite design, superior quality, competitive cost, and durability. Our main goal is to solve the problems of our customers by providing them the right PHE Units.  Today EXPER PHE exports its goods to more than 35 countries of the World including Europe, CIS, and the US.  We have all the necessary quality certificates that meet all international requirements, such as CE, ISO, etc. 


Products: Residential and comercial ventilation, Hygenic solutions, Maritime applications.

Products: Plate Heat Exchanger Units, Plates, Gaskets and Frames.

Products: Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Glycol & Propylene Unit Coolers, Freon Dx Coolers, CO2 Gas Cooler, CO2 Dx Coolers, CO2 Vaporisers, NH3 & CO2 Pumped Coolers, NH3 DX Coolers, NH3 Air Cooled Condenser +Adiabatic PreCooling, Dry Coolers – Wet/Dry Coolers, Adiabatic Pre Coolers with cooling pad, Air cooled Condensers, Air cooled Condenser for Steam&Geothermal turbines, Blast Freezers, Starbox Condensing Unit, Display Cabinet Coils, Charge air coolers, LT/HT Radiators, Oil Coolers, Run Around Heat Recovery Units, Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Units.

Products: Vertical Expansion with Membrane, Single- Dual Coil Water Heater, Boiler Control Panel, Condensing Steel Economizer Energy Recovery, Burners.

Products: Evaporators, Air cool condensers, Water-glycol unit coolers, Dry coolers.

Products: Mqf Sprial Freezer, Cooler, Proofer.

Products: Industrial refrigeration systems, Heat exchangers.

Products: Duct fan, in-line fan, smoke exhaust fans, jet fans, kitchen exhaust fans.

Products: Air Handling and Ventilation, Fan Coil Units and Control Systems, Package Air Conditioning, Water Chillers and Heat Pumps systems.

Products: HVAC filters.

Products: Industrial Radial Ventilators, Hvac - Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans, Smoke Exhaust Fans, Axial Fans, Exproof Fans, Fan Units, Air Handling Unit, Electrical Unit Heater, Transformer Cooling Fans, Roof Fans.

Products: Air Cooled Water Chiller, Water Cooled Water Chiller, Various types of industrial chillers.

Products: Dust, Dust Collection, Dust Collector, Industrial Dust Collector, Gas Scrubbers, Wet Scrubbers, Mobile Dust Collectors, Deduster, Industrial Vacuum, Pharmaceutical.

Products: Flexible Air Ducts and Pipes, Industrial Hoses, Smoke Exhaust and Filtering Units, Eliminators, Mobile High Vacuum U-TEX Filter Units, Moving Arms, Utility Tables with Ventilation (Downdraft Table), Exhaust Gas Extraction Systems, Dust Collector and Filtering Units, Oil Mist Filtration Units, Mobile Fans, Fans, Remote Control.

Products: The company is specialized in four main product groups: BRASS, BALANCING, VALVES AND EXPANSION JOINTS.

Products: A. Monoblock Burners, Up To 12.000 Kw - Gas, Liquid Fuel, And Dual-Fuel Burners, B. Industrial Monoblock/Duoblock Burners Up To 60 Mw – Such As Process Burner, High Ratio Burner, Duct Burner, Etc., C. Condensing Boilers- Wall Hung Type, Floor Type, Roof Top, And Cascade Systems, D. Hot Air/Gas Generators- Direct And İndirect.


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Products: Flexible Air Duct, Industrial Hose and Air Duct , Acoustic Air Duct, Montage Elements, Ventilation Equipments.